About After Dark

After Dark Education is an Experience! It’s neither a “conference” nor a “workshop”; it’s the best of BOTH worlds. Get the intimacy of the small group interaction you’d find at a workshop AND the multitude of topics, class opportunities, and educators (the mentors) you’d find at a conference. The “UN-conference” as described by some, After Dark Education focuses on helping you to build a strong, stable, business foundation along with pushing creativity and craftsmanship to create a unique top-quality product for your clients.

What makes someone “successful” in this industry? Personality and personal style are just as important as fine tuned technical skills. Being able to create an overall experience for your client paired with a unique tailored product makes you stand out from the rest. With After Dark Education, you’re able to learn those technical aspects in small groups, along side the mentors AND gain an insight into how to develop a personality style that suits you. Talk with the mentors and your fellow attendees, see how their mind works, where to do they gain this insight, creativity, idea generating mindset and how to they pull their clients personality out and into their images.

Who should attend?

After Dark is designed for photographers at all levels of experience.
The beginning photographer/studio: learn the 101’s from business, digital workflow, selling the “experience” not the “paper”, lighting, and posing.
The intermediate photographer/studio: take your business to the next level, increase sales and decrease cost, fine tune your studio workflow from “hello” to “see you next time,” and experiment with new lighting and photographing techniques.
The experienced photographer/studio: raise the bar on all aspects of your business, fine tune procedures, workflow, products, and the overall “face” of your brand, challenge yourself with outrageous conditions and situations to create works of extreme art.
It’s for everyone in the studio, from the photographer to the person answering your phone, everyone can learn something. From the moment a client calls to the second you’re delivering their products,
it’s all a reflection of your studio.
What will I learn?

After Dark provides the environment for you to learn exactly what your business needs at this point in time. Learning is a never ending cycle, learn what you need today to take you to the next level tomorrow, once you get there, you’ll need different information.
Focus on 5 to 7 specific questions/areas you want to improve right now. Research the mentors and small group sessions available to decide how your time will best be spent.
Come prepared with examples of your work, studio & marketing material, and specific questions. The more specific you can be, the better advice tailored to your particular needs the mentors will be able to provide.
Each mentor specializes in specific areas – business basics, workflow, photoshop, lightroom, proselect, sales, designing, marketing, lighting, posing, in all areas from maternity/new born, babies, children & families, high school seniors, weddings, fashion, and the list goes on.

What you put into your event is what you’ll get out of it. There are no wrong choices. There is no such thing as a “silly” question. Come with an open mind, ask questions of everyone, mentors and participants, and be ready to have a lot of fun! We play hard!
When & Where are the After Dark Events?

After Dark events are limited to ensure a low mentor to student ratio, so we have 4 events each year across the US. For a list of upcoming events, please visit our “events page”.
Why should I attend and After Dark Event?

After Dark is about you customizing your experience to best gain the knowledge needed to take your studio to the next level, while making new friends, forming a network of fellow photogs, and having a blast playing and experimenting together! There are never wrong answers, just 101 ways that didn’t quite work the way you thought!
Say good bye to large conference rooms, hundreds of people, and frantic note taking. Get your hands dirty, playing side by side with the industries top specialists who are there ready to share what they’ve learned through their years climbing to the top.
Small business work pods provide you with answers to help you build a strong business foundation, streamline your studio workflow and client interaction, compress your digital editing, and enhance your artistic creation.
Fully equipped studio bays and outdoor locations provide you with an opportunity to use the latest and greatest equipment, experiment with lighting and posing techniques, and get instant feedback on your captured images.
Creativity has no boundaries, neither do the mentors at After Dark. Come with an open mind and ready to take in anything and everything that might happen, when you return home, immediately apply what you’ve learned to improve your studio.
How much does it cost?

The $600 registration fee covers ALL of your activities. There are 10 fully equipped shooting bays, 10 small group business work pods, and an Unlimited number of outdoor, on location settings plus complete access to 35 of the industries top mentors.
How many people attend After Dark events?

After Dark is a hands on, creative learning environment. We want each participant to be able to get their questions answered and work side by side with the mentors, for this reason we have a low mentor to student ration and do cap registration once that ration is reached.
Does After Dark only take place after dark?

No. After Dark is the brand name of our events. The day will begin with traditional business and photographing techniques, and as the night continues on and our creative juices start flowing, we will kick it up a notch and there’s no telling what happens until 2am when you let lose so many creative individual fully equipped with lighting gear and constant enthusiasm! The possibilities are endless.