Jordan Chan

Although I was not born a flasher, I used to frolic under natural light, seeking the warmest rays of light and hiding as the harsh noon sun scorched the land. Now, even as the night moon rises, I fight off the most unnatural of Tungsten and vapor lights. Through time, I have learned to master this light and am free to roam without regard to sun or moon. 
Now, there is nothing I won’t flash. Weddings, portraits, small household animals and the occasional ceiling fan to name a few…

My desire to flash consumes not only my mind but also large amounts of Ni-mh and lithium batteries. This renewable resource allows me to run free at any hour. With the aid of Radiopopper, I am no longer bound by line of sight and distance. I am never hindered by weather, since Denny Mfg created Freedom Cloths, the magical fabric that allows me access to flash indoors during the most unfavorable conditions. Photogenic and Larson manipulate the light for me and Miller’s Lab immortalizes my handi-work. I am unstoppable in my quest for light, the perfect portrait…and, as always, the best grunge meal in town.

I am Jordan. Fueled by hot dogs, donuts, coffee and other heavily processed dietary products containing high amounts of nitrates. I seek light and a challenge. Sometimes, I have a salad and twitter my findings. 
I am a student of location lighting and I learn by teaching others. After Dark Edu is my institution.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“I got started in the business photographing concerts and local musicians part time while working for HP. I joined a local forum, now know as, and met Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton. When HP released my position, TriCoast added me to their roster. They are the ones responsible for making me thing that I might be able to make a few bucks off photography.”

From Jordan:
“My inspiration comes from photo journalists and commercial photographers. I learned off camera lighting from Dave Blacks websites back before the Strobist site came around. I’m glad because I prefer using TTL over Manual flashes.
Leslie Spurlock, a photo journalist turned wedding photographer, is someone I’ve considered as my greatest mentor. From her I’ve learned that every image should tell a story, using angles, lines and environment. She’s also the person that influences me the most as far as “style” goes.
If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember some experiences get better when relived time and time again. Its like a roller coaster. You get the the thrill/high when you’re spun out of control, but once you land, you’re ready to go again. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, push yourself to challenge the mentors with questions and stay out past your bed time. ‘It’s always better to laugh at someone else than yourself.’ “