Brian DeMint

Brian DeMint of Eyeworks Photography is a fashion/beauty and fine art photographer based in Joplin, Missouri. Formally trained as an oil painter, Brian made the switch to photography in 2004 and is self-educated in both photography and digital manipulation. By combining the classic elements of design with the digital technologies of today, he creates visually striking imagery with emphasis on emotional color and unique styling with the help of his very talented wife Dena who provides Hair Styling and Makeup application.

Brian’s credits include: Fiori Fashion Magazine, Digital Photo Pro, AfterCapture Magazine, Italian “A” fashion, Bust Magazine, Cut & Dry, Sessions Magazine, Cliché’ Magazine among many other publications. Brian is also a Speaker on the National level with AfterDark Education, Sandy Puc’, SPA, PPA and has appeared on the Photovision Series.

It is Brian’s goal to help others find their own unique voice by employing the words of the great Cecil Beaton: “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

From Brian:

“All limitations are self-imposed” by Ernest Holmes AfterDark is in a constant metamorphosis of changes in an attempt to make each workshop better than the last for the participants… they change mentors and classes to keep things fresh while maintaining a wide knowledge base that can benefit every level of photographer. Come prepared to take notes and listen! Do not be so concerned with getting images for yourself… listen to what the mentors are saying so you can apply it to YOUR style of work. Ask questions, become involved in discussions but be open to all ideas, methods and theory.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?

I got started by retouching images for a modeling agency because of my photoshop skills from doing web design. My photography skills and style has been accomplished through self-study. I spend many hours pouring over Art History Books and Magazines. My “lightbulb” moment was during my first attempt at doing a fashion shoot…that’s when I knew what I was here for. I most admire the past and current masters of fashion photography: Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton, Miles Aldridge, Paolo Roversi, Sarah Moon… of film: David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, Krzysztof Kieślowski.. and of Music: The Beatles, Cocteau Twins, John Zorn… I draw Inspiration from everything sensory… film, music, art, textures, fashion and ballet.

How many After Dark Events have you attended and what’s your favorite moment?

I’ve participated in 5 AD Events. My favorite AfterDark moment was when I first saw that AD was coming back in 2013… AD moments don’t always happen while you’re at the actual event… AD is not only the ultimate photographic learning environment, it is like a family holiday as well… the friends I’ve made are lifelong type relationships and the whole approach to AD levels the playing field so we all respect and are respected…

Special message or advise for AD attendees?

Attend After Dark with a completely open mind and try to put aside photographic prejudices and the mob mentality. This is a unique opportunity to stretch both your technical skills and your artistic ideology. The most important tools to bring are pens and paper. Note taking is much more important than shutter clicking at After Dark.