Alumni Mentors

We are completely honored to have such a unique and talented group of   mentors. After Dark family provides the most unique learning and sharing  experience in the studio photography industry. Work and play with some of the industry’s top mentors who are eager to share, show and teach you  through hands-on lessons and small groups tips and techniques that made them successful business people and artists.


Alex McClanahan
Alycia Alvarez
Amy Parrish
Andrea Walker
Andy Marcus
Angela Carson
Ben Shirk
Bert Behnke
Beth Forester
Beth Jansen
Bill Sorenson
Bob Davis
Brian DeMint
Brian Killian
Brianna Graham
Brooke Shaden
Bry Cox
Carl Caylor
Carrie Wildes
Charleton Churchill
Chris Marquardt
Chuck Arlund
Cindy Behnke
Cody Clinton-TriCoast
Damon Tucci
Dan Davis
Dan Frievalt
Dan McClanahan
Dane Sanders
Darton Drake
Dave Brosha
Dave Cross
Dave Humphreys
David Schwartz
Dena DeMint
Don Chick
Ed Pingol
Eddie Tapp
Fuzzy Duenkel
Garon Cooper (switzerfilm)
George Kuchler
Heather Bookout
Heidi & Troy Eiffert
James Hays
Jane Conner
Jason Groupp
Jed Taufer
Jeff Lubin
Jen Hillenga
Jennifer Nace
Jennifer Rozenbaum
Joe Switzer (switzerfilm)
Joel Grimes
John Cooper
Jordan Chan
Joshua Carter
Joy Vertz
Julia Radlick
Julianne Jonker
Julie Klaasmeyer
Justin Jagare
Kathy Holcombe
Kay Eskridge
Ken Kneringer
Ken Sklute
Ken Sklute
Kevin Focht
Kevin Hudson
Kevin Jairaj
Kevin Jordan
Kibbee Walton
Kirk Voclain
Lane Crabtree
Larry Peters
Leslie Spurlock
Lindsay Adler
Lori Nordstrom
Lou Freeman
Marci Sandler
Marco Simonelli
Marilyn Sholin
Mark Bryant
Mark Fitzgibbons
Mark Wiemers (switzerfilm)
Martin Grahame-Dunn
Matt Lucas
Melanie Anderson
Michael Corsentino
Mike Fulton-TriCoast
Mike Ridinger
Nate Peterson
Neil Van Niekerk
Peter Holcombe
Rachel & Clark Marten
Ralph Romaguera
Richard Sturdevant
Ron Nichols
Sal Cincotta
Sandy Puc
Scott & Adina Hayne
Stacy Walker
Stefani Hays
Stephanie Zettl
Steve Ragland
Susan & Neil Silverman
Tad Meddaugh
Tanja Melone
Taylor Cincotta
Terri Trawick

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