Alex McClanahan

Alex is the co-owner of McClanahan Studio with her husband Dan. Alex’s background in Graphic Design has been an invaluable asset in building their sought-after brand. Alex photographs weddings, designs all of the studio’s products in-house, handles all accounting, client organization and sales. She initiated mandatory mid-afternoon dance parties back in 2010 and studio morale has been soaring ever since. Outside of work she tears up the slopes on her snowboard, concocts delicious experiments in the kitchen and cherishes quality time with family and friends.

Life is short and should be savored. To us great portraiture is much more than lighting and composition – great portraiture comes from a genuine connection between the subject and the photographer. Content trumps artistry. Our goal is to make images that combine content and artistry. Whether content be an intimate touch on a wedding day or an authentic laugh during a senior session, it’s what will stand the test of time.

As photographers we’re entrusted with the task of impacting people’s perceptions of themselves through our interaction and ultimately through how we choose to portray them. We love working as photographers because it gives us the ability to make people feel great about themselves and at the same time it fulfills our natural desire to play and create.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“Dan and I started the studio when we got married the summer after graduating college. I waitressed part–time when we started the studio. When I first learned the proper way to calculate “Cost of Sale” I realized I was making more per hour waitressing than I was photographing weddings. I freaked out and decided that I would NEVER photograph a wedding again unless I was getting paid better for my time. I’d like to thank Lori Nordstrom for being honest. She’s always so real and shares her failures along with her successes. It’s that type of insight that’s helped us get started on the right path.”
From Alex:

“If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember with all the amazingness going on at the same time, you just can’t do it all. Your brain will explode after you’re done. Then once you’ve put it back together and applied what you’ve learned, you’ll be ready to kick it up to the next level. You can grow more and more with each AD. If you’ve never been to After Dark, before you come, look at your own studio and humbly decide what your biggest weakness is. Then research and find mentors who are really good at that thing, and make their classes your top priority. There are so many fun things going on at once so if you don’t have a plan, you may miss the class most impactful for you.