Charlotte Mentor Specialty


Amy Parrish Amy Parrish Beth Forester Amy Parrish Brian Demint Andy Marcus
Andrea Walker Andrea Walker Brianna Graham Andy Marcus Chuckie Arlund Damon Tuci
Beth Forester Andy Marcus Chuckie Arlund Damon Tucci George Kuchler Dan Freivalt
Ed Pingol Beth Forester Dan Frievalt Dan Frievalt Jordan Chan Ed Pingol
George Kuchler Brianna Graham Jordan Chan Ed Pingol Kevin Focht George Kuchler
Julie Klaasmeyer Ed Pingol Julie Klaasmeyer George Kuchler Kevin Hudson Jordan Chan
Justin Jagare Julie Klaasmeyer Justin Jagare SwitzerFilm Lindsay Adler Neil Van Niekerk
Lori Nordstrom Justin Jagare Kevin Focht Jordan Chan Travis Gadsby Stacy Walker
Tanja Melone Larry Peters Kirk Voclain Kevin Focht Stephanie Zettl
Valerie Tabor Smith Lori Nordstrom Lane Crabtree Neil Van Niekerk PROSELECT & SALES
Tanja Melone Larry Peters Stacy Walker Andrea Walker MARKETING
STUDIO LIGHT Valerie Tabor Smith Lindsay Adler Stephanie Zettl Andy Marcus Andrea Walker
Beth Forester Wayde Peronto Lori Nordstrom Tanja Melone Julie Klaasmeyer Andrea Walker
Brian Demint Mark Fitzgibbons Taylor Cincotta Justin Jagare Beth Forester
George Kuchler NATURAL LIGHT Stacy Walker Wayde Peronto Kathy Holcombe Ed Pingol
Jordan Chan Amy Parrish Tanja Melone Kevin Focht Kathy Holcombe
Justin Jagare Brianna Graham Travis Gadsby PHOTOSHOP Larry Peters Kevin Focht
Kevin Focht Chuckie Arlund Wayde Peronto Brian DeMint Lori Nordstrom Larry Peters
Kevin Hudson Damon Tucci Brianna Graham Stacy Walker Lori Nordstrom
Kirk Voclain Dan Frievalt VIDEO Dan Frievalt Taylor Cincotta Stacy Walker
Lane Crabtree Ed Pingol SwitzerFilm Jordan Chan Tanja Melone
Larry Peters SwitzerFilm Mark Fitzgibbons Julie Klaasmeyer CREATIVE INSPIRATION Taylor Cincotta
Lindsay Adler Julie Klaasmeyer Kirk Voclain Brian DeMint
Mark Fitzgibbons Kevin Focht POSING Lane Crabtree Damon Tucci DESIGN & COMPOSITION
Stacy Walker Kevin Hudson Amy Parrish Lindsay Adler Dan Frievalt Amy Parrish
Travis Gadsby Lane Crabtree Andy Marcus Mark Fitzgibbons Julie Klaasmeyer Beth Forester
Valerie Tabor Smith Lori Nordstrom Beth Forester Travis Gadsby Kevin Focht Brian Demint
Mark Fitzgibbons Brianna Graham Kevin Hudson Brianna Graham
FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS Tanja Melone Ed Pingol CLIENT INTERACTION Lindsay Adler Damon Tucci
Andy Marcus Taylor Cincotta SwitzerFilm Amy Parrish Stephanie Zettl Dan Frievalt
Julie Klassmeyer Travis Gadsby Jordan Chan Brianna Graham SwitzerFilm Jordan Chan
Kathy Holcombe Valerie Tabor Smith Kevin Hudson Ed Pingol Valerie Tabor Smith Julie Klaasmeyer
Kirk Voclain Wayde Peronto Kirk Voclain Julie Klaasmeyer Julie Klaasmeyer
Larry Peters Lane Crabtree Lori Nordstrom LIGHTROOM/WORKFLOW Lindsay Adler
Valerie Tabor Smith FUNDAMENTALS Larry Peters Lindsay Adler Dan Frievalt Stephanie Zettl
Wayde Peronto Chuckie Arlund Neil van Niekerk SwitzerFilm Kevin Focht SwitzerFilm
George Kuchler Travis Gadsby Stacy Walker Kirk Voclain Taylor Cincotta
Jordan Chan Wayde Peronto Taylor Cincotta Mark Fitzgibbons Valerie Tabor Smith
Justin Jagare Travis Gadsby Tim Riley
Tanja Melone
Wayde Peronto

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