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About After Dark

During After Dark Events, a range of genres are covered, from Maternity/Newborn to Children & Families, High School Seniors, and Commercial & High Fashion. Top mentors in both business and hands on photography are available to work hand-in-hand to answer questions, share techniques, and create & inspire. This is Goal Orientated Education; define what needs to be learned then come find the answers. It’s a 72-hour high-energy get your hands dirty photography lifestyle.

What are Critiques?

Mentors will be available to look over your work (digital or print) and make suggestions and answer questions. Bring your images, marketing or sales pieces, product samples or anything you’d like them to review.

What is a Round Table?

A panel of mentors will be available to share ideas and answer questions on a range of topics. Bring your questions or scenario examples and ask them how they would answer/handle the issue. You’ll get to hear multiple views on the same topic. Ask questions.

What is Mentor Meet and Greet?

This is your opportunity to meet the mentors and partners. Make your rounds and say hello to everyone. Our partners will be there to answer any questions you may have on any of the products or services they offer. Some of the mentors will also have products or services that they offer anything from DVD Tutorials, Books, Textures, Workflow Help, or Consultation.

What is a Business/Production Pod (1-10)?

Mentors will speak on a multitude of topics ranging from Business, Pricing & Sales, Networking & Social Media, Studio & Customer Management and Workflow, to Demonstrating Photoshop, Lightroom, ProSelect, and other Software Tips, Tricks, and Techniques.

What are the Afternoon Location Sessions about?

On Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon, we will spend the first 15 min. going over what each mentor will be photographing/teaching, the techniques involved, and where they will be. All groups will then leave at 1:30p or 3:30p for their location photography session.

What is a Studio Bay (11-20)?

Mini Studios complete with multiple lights and modifiers for you to learn lighting techniques from fundamental to creative/advanced, all levels of posing, prop and set management/design, and composition. You will also have the ability to work in studio bays in small groups without a mentor and practice techniques you’ve learned or experiment with new ones.

What happens at 10:30p and Beyond? Why is it called After Dark?

The hard core learning takes place in the afternoon and early evening sessions. They are directed at the “real life” situations you encounter everyday in your studio. At 10:30p there are no limitations. Mentors will be showing off their creativity, working with each other and pushing the bar higher. It is encouraged that EVERYONE take the opportunity to do things outside of their comfort zone. Grab a group, a model, and some lighting and go create something together. Challenge yourself to recreate the techniques you learned earlier in the day. It’s time to let the creative juices flow and feed off of each other.