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AD Testimonials

Hey Dave, 
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting your vision into Fruition.
Last fall, I had full intentions to close down my doors, I was so overwhelmed in the business end.. and didn’t really have any business skill.. just the technical skill.
I almost skipped out of AD NOLA because I was planning on quitting…I had already announced it on my blog…and everything. My husband insisted that I attend anyway.. Just to get away. 
I came back completely inspired.. Having been given a vision from Travis and Fitz…making me reevaluate what I was doing and change things up. It has been 4 months…I have hired people, delegated responsibility…took back my own life instead of letting my studio dominate it…expanded the studio by 650 square feet and growing bigger. I really think that your vision was the leading tool in implementing that…by putting me into contact with people like Fitz and Travis.
LV really motivated me creatively by sticking with Lindsay…who I think is a FABULOUS addition to AD.
-Tasha Pool

Loving After Dark Las Vegas! This is my second AD (Portland) and it is awesome! I hoped that it wasn’t just a bunch of the same stuff and it is totally fresh and new. Great job guys!
-Harmony Jones

One of the last sessions at After Dark Education was "The Game" and my team Crying Canadian Donut featuring me, Tanya Clinton Hartman and Yolanda grabbed first place. This was our winning shot which had to be composed, shot (3 shutter clicks only), edited and delivered in 15 mins – the model chose her favourite shot as the winner.
-Curt O’Neil


This was the BEST thing I could have done with my money at this point. I listened and worked and played all day and went to my room to revisit my notes at night. The next day I had my questions answered so that by the time I left, I had an action plan nearly in place. I haven’t stopped working on upfront marketing/sales/studio organization since I got home! I have so many great ideas and am so inspired!! Thank you all so much!!
-Las Vegas

To be honest, I was completely blown away with this experience. I was a little hesitant at first because I’ve done so many seminars and what not in the past and have spent a lot of hard earned money doing one on one’s, etc. After Dark was simply awesome and I’m wanting to attend another one in the future.
-New Orleans

I have been attending conferences, workshops, seminars, you name it for about 25 years across the country. I can honestly say AD was the most unique and "Simplistically Brilliant" in its content, layout, grid and informality. It was like an "Educational Orgy". 
-New Orleans