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Craig LaMere

My name is Craig LaMere I am a professional Portrait photographer from Pocatello, Idaho. I was a 39 year old commercial insurance agent making a great living but was sooooo unfulfilled as a person. I literally hated what I was doing with my life. As luck would have it Costco opened in my little town and I purchased a Canon Rebel as a creative outlet to my insurance life. To understand what buying that camera was to me, I would liken it to a person going into a convenience store, on a whim, buying a lottery ticket and winning the whole pot! Life Changer. As dumb or cliche as it might sound, when I picked up that camera I knew what i was supposed to do with my life. I was placed here to be a photographer. I feel so lucky and blessed that it and me crossed paths at the right time and as they say the rest is history!

I’m a pretty technical shooter and my shooting style is very light pattern driven. I feel if, you can master the fundamentals of lighting and the base lighting patterns, you will be able to create any image you want. I know we are in the greatest industry on planet earth and we are so lucky and blessed to do what we do. My person philosophy on life:

I believe the most important things in life are your family and friends.