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Nikki Harrison

Based out of Calgary, AB Canada, Nikki is a self taught photographer and digital artist.  Early in life her passion was drawing and only later in life did she discover that she could continue her love of art, in the medium of photography and digital art.

Focusing on romantic styled portraiture, Nikki also has a love for fashion and glamour photography, and blends this into her art.

“My favorite type of portraiture is one where I am free to express my creativity and show my subjects how I see them, always with a romantic flare.  I love to shoot both equally  outside and inside with natural light and combining my vision with elaborate sets that tell a story… that is my passion.”

Education is SO important for creatives is because our industry is ever evolving and if you sit still, and say, “Okay, I’m good, I like where I’m at with my style and talent.” then you will quickly be left in the dust.  You can never ever stop learning, you can never ever stop growing. I don’t care how long you have been a photographer or how old you are.  Never stop, education is everything.