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Allison Muirhead

Allison Muirhead Photography started in my kitchen in Jackson MS in 2001. I’m a self-taught photographer. I’ve had the good fortune of photographing a few celebrities such as Eli Manning, Ahna O’Riely, Jim Parrack, Logan Marshall Green, and gracing the covers of local/regional magazines numerous times.  I’ve even had a small role photographing on TLC. I have a blog…please don’t read it, I’m terrible at keeping it current.

The business of photography is exactly that…a business. I honestly believe in getting the right camera, learning your lighting and knowing your equipment backwards and forwards. No amount of creativity, equipment or training will matter if you don’t understand the simple principles of cost of good sold (COGS) and pricing. Otherwise, you could be killing your own business.

On a personal note, I married my college sweetheart, Jack.  I’m a true soccer mom. Our daughter Elle plays travel soccer.  I spend all of my free time following her from tournament to tournament every weekend! I’m a four-year football letterman at Ole Miss. (Yes, I said football). I like to exercise, mainly because I love chocolate and good glass of wine.

I attended my first After Dark last year. It was a great experience. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere. I admit I was a little overwhelmed at first. I learned that it’s best to just jump right in. Mentors were always available to talk, and give advice.  After Dark is also a great place to meet fellow photographers that you can network with in the future.