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Joe Switzer

Kelli & Aaron SDE from Switzerfilm on Vimeo.

About Joe:

Joe is an “O’Grapher” of both photo + cinema and founder of Switzerfilm. Joe has burning desire to change peoples perception of wedding cinema. What was thought of as long, boring, lame, and a last minute service turned into customers experiencing a new standard. He and his team offer most of their films edited and presented that very day. Joe has always wanted to show the customer something they’ve never seen before. A constant changing environment has made filming weddings quite challenging over the years. Recently technology has moved the world of cinema side by side with photography. Joe and his team have made the transition to fusion and are inspired by sharing their filming techniques with others. Joe believes that the world of photo + cinema is still in the 1st inning and anyone participating in this business can take part in this phenomenal growth story.  Fun Facts Mr. Switzer’s first camcorder he used was a VHS with a battery belt/strap. He climbed 3000 feet in Sedona, AZ with a Stedicam attached to him.

What skills will you be teaching at AD Motion:

  • How to create the framework for a viral video
  • How to create a script to elicit a specific emotion
  • Putting your scene together
  • Editing based on your script
  • Hands-on real world style shoot workflow

Check out more of Mark’s work here: