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Jackie Hicks

As one of the nation’s leading portrait photography experts in the art of capturing moments in time in her award winning word, Jackie Hicks is a Master Portrait Artist, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and a well know World Renowned Master of Photography.  Jackie Hicks, is the founder of Fond Memories Photography, a portrait studio focusing on personal imagery located in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Launching Fond Memories Photography in 1997, she quickly built one of the nation’s premiere portrait studios in the Washington, D.C. metro area.  Jackie’s foray into the industry began with her love of world travel.  She would take photos of her travels and have them developed at a local photo lab.  One day, a lab technician voiced his admiration of her work and encouraged her to explore her gift of photography.  Jackie’s life was changed at that moment.  She enrolled in the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and immediately started winning awards.  While, too numerous to name them all, her most accredited achievements awards are:

  • Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for Photographic Excellence
  • Kodak Gallery Award
  • Maryland State Portrait Photographer of the Year (first African American woman to ever receive this honor)
  • Master Craftsman Award

Jackie Hicks is the second female African American in the 140 plus year history of the Professional Photographers of America to receive the Master Craftsman’s degree in Photographic Design and Imaging, from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  She was the first African American Woman to receive the prestigious Portrait Photographer of the Year award for the State of Maryland, given by The Maryland State Professional Photographers Association.  Her first publication for the PPA was called “Men in Black,” it was considered one of her prized images as a photographer for the Professional Photographers Association of America’s Traveling Loan Collection.  Jackie Hicks has won numerous awards, most notably, The Excellence Award for the Wedding and Portrait International Photographers Competition which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada for her prized image “Deserted,” which was also featured in the Professional Photographers of American Screensaver Collection for the United States Congress.

Skilled for more than 16 years in the craft of photography, Jackie enjoys sharing her vast knowledge of photography, the industry, her gifts and her experiences from around the world with her colleagues, educational systems, and those she mentors.  Although she mentors aspiring photographers, Jackie never ceases to continue education herself in the art of photography.  “My greatest mentors that I admire in the art of photography are Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, James Van Der Zee and Gordon Parks and how they capture the art of people.  Without the mentorship of Brian Graham, I don’t think I would be who I am or where I am today.  I equip other photographers by showing them how to monetize and maximize their gifts through the lens view of photography.”

The works of Jackie Hicks has been featured in print media numerous times; media outlets with the liks of Black Enterprise Magazine (Adam & Jonathan Holland – BE 2011 Teenpreneur of the Year Award Recipients), Essence Magazine, Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Jet Magazine.  Her successes in the studio have allowed her to quickly build one of the most affirmed reputations as one of the premier portrait photographers of our time.  Jackie Hicks promotes excellence, she is a woman full of integrity and great vision.  “My work speaks for itself, it comes alive and it is filled with emotion, says Jackie.”  When Jackie Hicks is behind the camera, she commands not only those she works with to be filled with excellence, but most importantly she wants those who she works with and for to understand that this is not just a job assignment, but her calling.  “I breathe life into my art and photography and in return it pushes me to reach beyond boundaries that I never thought of imagining.  I am so thankful to God for trusting me with such an awesome vision for the art of photography, for capturing the most precious moments of life.  I’m in touch spiritually with every image I create, I see beyond the boundaries of those images and I want to portrait that to my clients.  My clients are so precious and important to me.  Without my clients there would be no me and I am eternally grateful to all of them for giving me the opportunity to create fond memories and out of that was created in 1997 my business which is known as Fond Memories”

When she is not behind the lens, Jackie enjoys drag racing! She is either behind the wheel of her ‘66 Chevelle, ‘92 Mustang or C6 convertible Corvette. Jackie has 4 grown daughters and two grandchildren.  Jackie’s other passion is her love of animals.  Her additional children as she fondly refers to them are “Neo” a Mastif and “Roxy” a Kenneth Corso.

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