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Fuzzy Duenkel

For 35 years, Fuzzy has been a student of outdoor and indoor lighting techniques similar to those used in the fashion/commercial industry, but scaled down for the photographer who chooses to work without an assistant. Fuzzy’s choices of equipment (to buy or build) are also keys to help rather than hinder creativity.

Professional photographers must have a firm grasp on creative, versatile and precise portrait lighting as the one constant in the ever-changing field of photography and the never-ending avalanche of competition. Fuzzy will share vitally important basics and advanced nuances of many indoor, outdoor, ambient and artificial lighting techniques.

Fuzzy practically insists on working on location with each session. Fuzzy feels his specialty is his total comfort with creating portraits in clients’ homes, especially if he has never been there before. His goal is to make a variety of images that don’t necessarily look like they were done in the clients’ bedrooms, garages, or hallways… even though they were!

How I Started:
Started as a wedding photographer. Got tired of the pressure in inadequate amount of time.
a.)Dean Collins, Lisa Evans, David Peters, Leon Kennamer and Darton Drake were especially helpful in my formative years. b.)Advice to attendees. Ignore actions, fads, and gimmicks. Don’t buy fish… Learn how to fish.

My favorite AD moment?
I was out with a class and a super attractive model. I had just gotten done talking about making sure the light is right before shooting. We walked over to a new area with her, and people started shooting her as she started posing. I had to step in the way and say “HOLD IT!!! What did I just say?” That was a good teachable moment.

After Darks Attended:
This is my fourth time teaching at After Dark.

What are the top 5 skills?

  • Ability to fix bad lighting with WYSWYG ambient lighting… with reflectors and scrims, and subtractive lighting
  • Command of Canon eTTL flash
  • Finding photogenic backgrounds in ordinary settings
  • Natural and logical posing
  • Strong and timeless composition
Contact Info:
Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter. Both systems are equivalent these days.

Majority of Business:

  • High School Seniors. That’s my favorite because they do what I tell them to do.

Specialty Market:

  • I don’t have a specialty market, but variety of lighting best suited to the situation is my specialty. Not a sexy topic. But it’s ONE of the few remaining advantages we have to separate us from those who don’t know what they’re doing.