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Alumni Mentor Dave Brosha

I’m a creative assignment photographer, artist, filmmaker, and freelance writer from the Canadian sub-Arctic.

I hold a passion for the world and an eye for the beauty it contains, and I don’t ever limit myself by photography “genres”.  I photograph everything from portraiture to weddings to photojournalism to creative/advertising work to landscape – essentially, I’m on a continual journey to seek out and capture the beauty of this world – whether it’s the beauty of some of most extreme and pristine environments in the world, or the beauty of some of a person’s most personal moments.

My personal affiliations and representations include the First Light agency out of Toronto, who “represent more than 200 of Canada’s best stock photographers”, Getty Images (stock), National Geographic (stock), and the Canadian Press, for which I’m a freelance photographer.

My published and media credits including CNN, Outside Magazine, Canadian Geographic, MacLeans, Reader’s Digest, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Sky At Night (BBC), The Today Show, the Daily Telegraph, Up Here, the CBC, the Vancouver Sun, and CTV, Dave’s impressive client list has included Harry Winston, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Ford Motors, the National Hockey League (NHL), the Montreal Planetarium, and former United States Vice-President, Al Gore.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
I got my start in landscape photography but quickly gravitated towards portraiture as I had a burning passion to do photography full-time and quickly realized that I would have to get over my fear of photographing people if I wanted to be successful in a small market (my home city of Yellowknife has less than 20,000 people). 

I was very fortunate from the earliest of my stages of my career to have some pretty amazing mentors, including some photographers – like British photographer Martin Hartley (recently named one of Time Magazine’s “Environmental Heroes” – who allowed me to tag along on shoots with him in the Canadian High Arctic, and others that I sought out instruction from through some pretty powerful workshops (Joel Grimes, Joe McNally, Darwin Wiggett).

Special Message or advise for AD attendees?
Until the day my career ends down the road, and no matter what level I achieve with my own photography,  I’ll never stop seeking out mentorship from others and trying to learn more about the craft I love. No matter how much you think you know about photography, there’s always more to learn.  There’s new ways to be inspired.  It’s one of the things about this beautiful art form that I love the most.

How many After Dark Events have you attended and what’s your favorite moment?

This will be my first After Dark Experience.

What are your top 5 skills?

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Interacting with Subjects
  • Marketing
  • Creative Thinking


Contact Info:



Fun Facts:

  • I am a Canon Man.
  • Specialty Market: Creative portraiture, wedding, advertising, family portrait, studio, photojournalism, and landscape.
  • If something equals my passion for actually creating images, it’s teaching and sharing my passion in photography with others.  I look forward to meeting everyone at After Dark and experiencing this remarkable event for myself.

Majority of Business:

  • Commercial and advertising photography makes up 50% of my work, followed by 25% personal photography (wedding, family, newborn, boudoir), and 25% stock imagery (landscape/lifestyle/etc).


  • For small flash set-ups I use Canon Speedlites.  In the studio and for larger creative environmental poraiture photoshoots, I use all manner of Elinchrom equipment.