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Darton Drake

Who I Am
Who am I? I am not completely sure of that. I usually tell people I am not from here, I am simply passing through. What a beautiful world it is. The human spirit has always intrigued me. I believe there is no more beautiful and powerful entity on this earth. That’s why portraits are my passion. I wanted to be an artist ever since I can remember. I took four years of fine art’s at Layton School of Art in Milwaukee after high school. Moving into photography during my schooling was a slow transition. I studied photography more and more as I realized I didn’t have the skills to be the artist I wanted to be. So, here I am.

How did you get started in the business?
I actually started experimenting with a camera at an early age just like everyone else. My real start was with Frank Scherschel, a Live Magazine Photographer. I worked for him for about two and half years. The one major realization I learned from Frank is that it is not what’s in your hand that makes the image.

To the Attendees:
We are going to simplify the technical and exemplify the artistic from traditional Portraiture to the avant garde. The keys are knowledge, passion, dignity, desire to achieve the highest level you can, communication, relationships of trust, and technical excellence. We will bring these all together to create a unique and powerful image for the customer, the judges, and your self. I will share all that I know in this regard.

After Darks Attended:
This is my first After Dark!

What are the top 5 skills?

  • Portrait Artist
  • Story Telling
  • Communicator
  • Teacher
  • Bass Fishing
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