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Travis Gugelman

I believe that the success we have in our lives and our studios is 100% up to us! If we go after life with enthusiasm and a positive attitude and then work like crazy we will have success! We must run our studios like a business; we have to get out of the artist shoes and into the business shoes in order to have total success. Live with passion in all that you do and always give 100%!

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?

“I got started visiting Clark & Rachel Martin and Gary & Pam Box. I also draw inspiration from Dave Junion.”

From Travis:

“If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, Every AD is a different experience, and there are so many Mentors to learn from you could go to 4 a year and never learn the same thing twice. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, be flexible and go with the flow. Bring everything you’ve got, put 100% into it, ask questions, and have an open mind to learn! Learn something new and go home and implement. ‘Live with passion!’

Travis Gugelman
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Travis Gugelman


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After Darks Attended: 4-5 I think.

“I love all the time being with friends, I alos love the panel discussions.”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Own a Studio
  • 50% Studio & 50% Location Sessions

Majority of Business:

  • HS Seniors
  • Families
  • Wedding & Commercial Work


  • Mostly Natural Light on Location
  • 4 Light Setup in Studio

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Business
  2. Sales/How To Sell
  3. Marketing
  4. Family Portraits
  5. Senior Portraits