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Tim Riley

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The Riley brothers will be the first on the chair lift on a powder day, the first in the water vying to catch a wave when the surf rolls in, and the first to admit that life’s too busy for inefficiency.

Tim has a Masters of Science in Hydraulic Engineering with an attention to detail that borders on the ridiculous.

Chris was an economics and language major with years of experience in the outdoor eductaion field. When they decided to take photography studio on as a full time venture they jumped right in.

Now that the Riley PhotoGraphic studio has been in business for almost a decade, you would think they could relax a bit, but that’s not the case. About 5 years go, they realized that the craft they loved, taking photographs, was taking a back seat to something they thought they left behind – hours inside at a computer. So, again they jumped and created the RPG Keys and it’s myriad sibling products. Without any knowledge about how to computer program, Tim taught himself, even jumping out of bed at 3:30am when a code “breakthrough” popped into his mind.

After the creation of the RPG Keys, Chris and Tim found that they were given a precious gift – time. But, as you can imagine, ideas quickly turn into products and RPG Keys was off and running. As photographers, Tim and Chris know that business growth depends on the ability to spend time with clients and not with a computer. In this seminar, they share their knowledge about Lightroom, workflow, editing, and taking back control of your time. Because everyone deserves first chair – even if it’s just to read the Sunday paper.

One piece of advice for someone new to the after dark experience, how to prepare?
“Hold on, this is going to get crazy! Be a sponge, Judgement free zone… not everyone is like you…”

From Tim:
“Word hard, play hard and remember you only get to go around once, so give it your all.”

Tim Riley

Contact Info:
RPG keys
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twitter: rpgkeys

After Darks Attended: 4
“About 4 days after the event ends I always get an email or 2 from a photographer who has gone home and attempted a new skill from my pod…When they call to thank me for cutting their editing time in half and give them back a life and a profitable studio…. That is the fun part of what I do!”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Destination & On Location

Majority of Business:

  • Weddings
  • HS Seniors


  • OCF
  • Some Studio Lighting

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Lightroom Expert
  2. Print Sales
  3. Consult Meeting Skills
  4. OCF For Dummys