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Stacy Walker

Stay true to who you are and strive to put your heart into whatever is important to you. Never forget that the experience we create for our clients is in every way as important as the images.

Stacy, along with his wife Andrea are the owners of WalkerStudio in Evansville IN. Over the last 7 years they have seen their business grow from their home to a 3500 Sq Ft studio and now shoot several hundred sessions per year as well as 20-25 weddings. Stacy contributes much of their success to their fun, relaxed style and unique approach to capturing their clients’ personalities. Stacy and Andrea have been published in magazines such as “Studio Photography” and “Professional Photographer.”

It is a privilege to be a part of After Dark. We truly feel like part of a family who are all striving to help and push each other to fulfill our fullest potential. There’s not a better learning environment out there!

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“I got started my junior year in college when I switched majors from engineering to art. I accepted an internship at a commercial studio and fell in love with photography the first day I started. Being from a small market there really wasn’t a mentor in town I could go to so when we opened our studio 9 years ago I literally would stay up til 3am working in Photoshop and learning styles from different websites that I liked. Our studio has grown from being a small 1 room space and doing less than $5000 in sales the first year to a 3500sf studio and we are the top grossing studio in our area.”

From Stacy:
“I’ve kind of drawn inspiration from a few different sources because I do like a variety of styles. On one hand I love the color saturation of an artist like Brianna Graham but on the other hand I also love the black and white and vintage look of Parker Pfister. Parker also inspires me though because he is always pushing himself and doesn’t ever settle for “average”.
If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember they are all completely unique and you just can’t learn everything at just one. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, Don’t go to bed early! Really, my best advice would be to plan ahead at what you want to learn and stick with those mentors no matter what else may be going on in different pods. Shoot less and listen more! I see way to many people trying to shoot over someone else’s shoulder and getting bad shots instead of paying attention to how to set it up on your own. Come to AD, learn how to do different techniques, then take those ideas back home to play. Every mentor will give you a chance to play but first, pay attention to what they are saying. And if you really want to learn, attend a pod without your camera. ‘Stay true to who you are and strive to put your heart into whatever is important to you. Never forget that the experience we create for our clients is in every way as important as the images.’

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After Darks Attended: 3
“The energy at AD is so amazing and every one is unique. My favorite moment though would have to come from Vegas when we brought our 15 year old son with us. It was the last night and we were ready to go upstairs and pack since it was about 1am. All of a sudden Deven, our son, comes up to us with a beautiful model and he has a camera in one hand and a strobe in the other and asks “wanna go play.” Where else other than AD could that ever happen? AD allows for everyone to learn and play and the atmosphere is amazing!”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Own A Studio
  • Enjoys Outdoor More

Majority of Business:

  • 200 HS Seniors a Year
  • 20 Weddings a Year
  • Andrea Does Children


  • Strobes in Studio
  • 580′s with Poppers on Location

Top 5 Skills:

  1. ProSelect, sales
  2. Ringlight
  3. Senior Marketing
  4. Boudoir (Andrea and I do them together)
  5. Fashion Head Shots