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Melanie Anderson

“I love to think “outside the box” and come up with new ideas and push photography and lighting to its limits. The ability to Craft an Image with Light (Even Flat Light) is truly a Blessing! Some of my favorite images are children sitting on the floor with me standing over them getting them to look up at me. Those eyes say so much! It’s everything in an image…close up and personal…Love it!”

Award-winning Photographer, Melanie Anderson is a Certified Professional Photographer, Currently working on her Craftsman Degree…Maryland Portrait Photographer of the year for 2012. Fuji Award Winner, Vice President of MDPPA (Maryland Chapter), a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  Toured with Sandy Puc for last 2 years, and was on SPTV.  She is also 2013 Washington County “Person to Watch” as well as 2011 Maryland Achievement Award winner and received the #1 Photography Studio award from Hagerstown Magazine for their annual HotList for last 3 years.  Anderson Photographs is a 3000 square foot custom photographic studio located in the Arts & Entertainment District of downtown Hagerstown, MD.

From Melanie:

As I see another AD in the works I just can’t help but chime in…Most of you already know my story…but in case you don’t….or just need a reminder…Here goes…I attended the very first AD (4 years ago)…I went in as a photographer that just opened a Retail Space, I had been in business for aprox 3 years at that point and needed direction. My Gross Sales that year were aprox $30,000. Last year my Gross Sales were $320,000…this year I am on track to hit $500,000!!!! Holy Cow! Can you believe it! I have already passed last years gross sales…HOW did I do this you may ask…at least I hope you are asking??!!! Well…100% of this is from my education from After Dark! Period!!! The Knowledge I learned…The Relationships I built…I have since been to 9 AfterDarks…that is how and why my business is where it’s at. But…I have to emphasize…it’s not only the Education I learned…It’s because I IMPLEMENTED the Education I learned…!!! I can not stress the importance of that! I could go on and on about each and every technique that I have learned…and happy to do so…but for now…just know…YOU NEED TO GO! If you want an Income to support your family…If you just want to Learn new techniques, If you want to grow Creatively…than After Dark is for YOU!!!! I invite each and everyone of you to PM me for any specifics…I am hear to serve! Most AD’s I now spend one on one with several of you…please know that does not need to end just because the event is over…AD has given so much to me…The least I can do is give back…honoring Dave’s motto of Paying it Forward! Many Blessings! Melanie

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Majority of Business:

  • HS Seniors
  • Newborns


  • Strobes in Studio
  • Reflector
  • OCF

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Seniors-On Location with Reflector
  2. Sales and Success
  3. Newborns