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Mark Wiemers (switzerfilm)

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I am honest, budget conscious, super disciplined, a healthy eater, and weightlifter who listens to Hip-Hop & Country music. I like to learn about the psychology of the human mind, photography/video production, and music videos. God is the center of my life. I try to live my life by doing things that please Him.

I think internally, I’ve always wanted recognition for doing something great. I started shooting and editing fun videos with friends. They were always impressed by my editing talents. That feedback gave me the confidence to pursue this as a profession, because I knew others respected my abilities.

I love watching our competition, because that inspires me to improve and makes things better for our company. It’s capitalism at it’s best.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“I started video production as a hobby. I’d funny videos with friends. I really enjoyed it and got asked to do a friends wedding. It took off from there.”

From Mark:
“If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember you never know who you might meet. The after darks are all across the country; It’s a good idea to attend all of them. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, I would advise people to take WRITTEN notes. ‘Treat others like you want to be treated!’

Mark Wiemers

Contact Info:
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After Darks Attended: 1
“I spend so much time in shooting and production that I rarely get an opportunity to mingle with people of a similar profession. I love to share stories with people I meet and exchange tips and tricks. I am honored to speak and share what I know about video production to people all over the world.”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Own an Office Building
  • Video & Photography On Location 100%

Majority of Business:

  • Wedding
  • Corporate


  • Natural light with small LED panels for a daylight fill.

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Creative Shooting for Video
  2. Creative Video Editing
  3. Management & Organization
  4. Being Smart with Money
  5. Customer Satisfaction