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Larry Peters

[slidepress thickbox='larry-peters' title='Larry Peters' image='']Originating as a wedding photography studio and only occasionally offering portrait sessions, Peters Photography began as Main Street Photography in 1974 and evolved from the living room of Larry and Karen Peters’ home!

Larry began as a full time teacher at West Jefferson High School and later worked for his father-in-law at Creamer Metal Products. He maintained an evening and weekend business as a photographer and continued to work to become educated in improving his craft in photography.

It was Larry’s goal to one day open a 9 to 5 portrait business so he could stop working Saturday weddings. Though it took 15 years, creative new approaches to making his portraits unique in the industry finally made his dream a reality! Peters Photography became the first studio in Ohio to offer outdoor senior portraits, a “new” style of photography that attracted people from all over. By 1981, it became necessary to add a separate entrance for clients to the existing studio, which was still the Peters’ home.

Peters Photography’s latest innovation has been the incorporation of real underwater portraits for seniors. The images are visually stunning and unique. No other studio in Ohio offers this creative session for seniors!

Larry Peters and Peters Photography is the bedrock of innovation for Senior Photography, and their techniques are often copied throughout the country. Over the years, the studio has created hundreds of photography trends and continues to develop new and stunning portraits to this day.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“I was a teacher in high school and dreamed of opening a 9-5 portrait studio and doing what I loved for a living. We’ve created a family run business ever since. Charles Lewis and Gary Jentoft are people I look to for inspiration and guidance. My best ah-ha moment was when i realized I could quit my full time “office job” and start making a living doing something I was passionate about. My father in-law is someone I’d like to thank for helping me to pursue my dream.”

From Larry:
“I am inspired by anyone with creativity and draw inspiration myself from a avenues of media, past and present. If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember every location has a different feel because of locations If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, Be open minded and don’t try to show your ideas. Come to learn. ‘Work hard. Find a plan that works and don’t change it.’

Larry Peters
Contact Info:
Peters Photography Blog

After Darks Attended: 3
“Round Tables are my favorite part of After Dark”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Own a Studio
  • Work In Studio

Majority of Business:

  • 85% HS Seniors
  • Children & Family


  • Strobes
  • Incandescent

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Creative Studio Lighting
  2. Posing
  3. High Contrast B&W and White on White
  4. Marketing Ideas
  5. Sales