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Alumni Mentor Kathy Holcombe

Life is an adventure and you must live every moment to the fullest! We try to make every single day of our lives memorable whether it is a shoot with a client, a day in the mountains with our daughter, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, photographing in incredible places, or sleeping under the stars. Life is too short to waste time on anything other than what you love. That is why we started our own business and that is what motivates us to push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency and minimize distractions, so that we can focus on those things that really matter most. You won’t find us sitting in front of the computer until 2 am or working 7 days a week (at least not usually).

We incorporate this philosophy into our business as well. Our best case scenario is to take a client to an incredibly beautiful place they have never seen and give them an extraordinary experience while they are there. Sometimes this is a hot chocolate in a golden aspen grove on a crisp fall morning, other times it is watching the full moon rise over a glacier in the middle of winter waiting for the perfect shot together. Wherever we take our clients, we try to make it an adventure so that every time they look at the images we create for them, it reminds them of a once in a lifetime experience they had with Holcombe Photography.

Peter worked for Sandy Puc years ago, and she was such a huge inspiration for us. She showed us how fun portraiture could be and was a huge support when we decided to start our own business. We love to watch her continue to move the entire industry in new and exciting directions.

The Holcombes

What is your favorite After Dark Experience?
“My favorite AD moment was when I was sitting with a group of women who had taken my Beyond the Image track and we were looking over their pricing structures and they were trying to take all of the information from the 6 classes and put it together in a meaningful way for their businesses. All of a sudden a light bulb went off for all three of them at the same time and they started looking at each others business and helping each other figure out what they wanted to change when they returned home. It was so amazing to see them completely transform their entire business using the information from Beyond the Image. Then I followed up with with them a couple of weeks later and they had accomplished so much. I am so proud of them for taking action and doing something great for their businesses!”

From Kathy:
“I look to the fine art world for inspiration to incorporate into our photography. I love finding new materials and techniques that painters use to give our images a unique feel.
If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember there is so much offered at AfterDark that there is no way that you could learn even a fraction of the information available. I have been to 4 ADs, and every time, I have learned something that radically changes my business. The first AD, I learned a ton about posing and my images dramatically improved. The second, I leaned a sales strategy that has allowed me to double my sales average. The 3rd, I learned a great marketing campaign that has allowed me to increase the number of families I photograph this year, and the last AD, I learned about studio lighting and composites. I can’t wait to see what I walk away with in Charlotte.
If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, there is so much happening at after dark and it is completely overwhelming. My first piece of advice is to come to AD well rested. You will have very little sleep for several days so prepare your body before hand. Secondly, think about your biggest weakness or obstacle in your business. Then seek out classes that focus on that weakness so that when you get home you have some tools to overcome that weakness. For example if you really struggle with getting clients in the door, you should take every marketing class you can. If you really struggle with posing, take some posing classes. If you focus on your weakness, you will grow the most.
‘Life is short, so make sure that your business supports a life that you love.’

Contact Info:
Facebook Kathy Holcombe
Email KathyAfter Darks Attended:4Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Home Based Business
  • Location Session

Majority of Business:

  • 10-15 Weddings per Year
  • 30-50 Portrait Sessions
  • Some HS Senior


  • Strobes w/ Reflector
  • Natural Light

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Pricing
  2. Business Basics
  3. Business Planning
  4. Selling
  5. Marketing