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George Kuchler

[slidepress thickbox='george-kuchler' title='George Kuchler' image='']George Kuchler has been working on his rock n roll style photography for the last 17 years. He is a Certified Professional Photographer and a Photographic
Craftsman. His award winning photography has made him a hometown favorite among the locals. His clientel ranges from the cute child to the highschool senior to
Marriott hotel, Lakeside Mall, etc. He is also a musician carrying his love for music into his world of photographic artistry. The business aspect of GK Photography has made him a sought after artist in his area. George’s programs take you through the day in a life a GK…from the sales session to his lighting styles that create the results he achieves time and time again.

His program on “Mastering the Long Exposure” teaches you how to apply long exposure photography with mixed lighting as in ambient, flash, color gels and natural scenery. Come join us for a high energy experience that will inspire you to create more, SEE more and love our great profession more!

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“Many of my local pro photographers were people I admired because back in the film days, the Internet did not exist. The people I saw at state conventions, local guild competitions, all who many became master photographers. The bar just seemed too high. Then I took Tony Corbell at Texas school one year. He pulled me aside and asked me why I was there in his class. I showed him ten images I produced and told him to find the zing in my images. He said to me…you have it! You have it all…’s all on your talen, your heart and your confidence. When I find my confidence the art will pour out! Since them every year I have grown as an artist. I always keep that door open that Tony helped me push open. So to pay it forward…I teach.”

From George:
“I appreciate many, all who intelligently photograph their subjects in unique ways and separates themselves as artist. Thom rousse, Joe Glyda, Dave junior. (I had to do it.:)If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember if you think you know it all… You Don’t! If you think your the best……youve already lost! True artist feed off the energy of other artist. We all need each other. If the Internet died, gone tomorrow….the real inner artists would still create unique imagery…..the ones that just follow, or copy, would come to a halt. {In my opinion of course;)}. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, be true to your talent level. If you need help with the basics….Own It! Let people like me teach you the proper techniques, the rules of engagement and Stop Listening to others on your level. Learn from better than you, Leave better than you arrived!!!!!!!!! ‘Life: Live it, love it, Respect it!’

George Kuchler
Contact Info:
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After Darks Attended: 4
“Austin…we had so many local artist and all of us teaching others to be their best artist…it was art erotica! No after dark has come close to date. When play becomes work…you stop growing as an artist. I need After Dark as a teacher just as much as others do as the student.”

Fun Facts:

  • Canon Shooter
  • Have a Studio, But Go Everywhere

Majority of Business:

  • Wedding
  • Children
  • Commercial
  • Seniors


  • Love Them All…
  • Natural Light; OCF; Strobes; Constant Light!

Top 5 Skills:

  1. Lighting in Stuido
  2. OCF
  3. Nighttime Long Exposure
  4. High Key
  5. Photographing Basics to Advance Techniques