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Ed Pingol

[slidepress thickbox='ed-pingol' title='Ed Pingol' image='']Hi, my name is Ed Pingol of Ed Pingol Photography.In my workshop, I’ll be demonstrating how YOU can modify light to shoot ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, in ANY given lighting condition. Rather than being controlled BY your environment, YOU’LL be the one in control so you can photograph the way YOU want to. In this way, you’ll focus on YOUR style of photography so you can attract the kind of clients YOU want.

I began my journey into photography as a graphic designer, designing product packaging. Part of my job was to photograph the products. I began shooting products which led me to shooting people and eventually events and weddings in 2007. I’m fascinated and obsessed with light. I’m a firm believer in the definition of “photography” which means “writing or painting with light.”

Besides light, my favorite part of photography is building relationships with my clients. I love documenting those special moments and milestones in my clients’ lives. It’s such an intimate and honorable role to play and my clients end up being like family to the Ed Pingol Photography team.

Ed Pingol is a San Francisco Bay Area-based Destination photographer, specializing in weddings. In his fourth season as a highly sought after photographer, his expertise in off-camera lighting techniques has created a signature style, creating images that impress and attract clients. With his innovative ways of utilizing his camera and lighting gear in unconventional ways and his casual manner with clients, he is able to help them become the “models & rockstars” they are and capture dramatic images.

How did you get started in the business? Who helped/guided/mentored you?
“I started as a packaging designer, in need of photographs of the products I was designing packaging for. I have been obsessed with photography since then. I photographed products then people then events. In a serendipitous meeting, I was introduced to an event photographer, Carl Spears, who was kind enough to invite me along and teach me everything he knew about lighting. I am ever grateful for all of his help! My “ah-ha” moment was when a photography friend of mine loaned me his monopod and I told him, “Hey, you can put a flash on that!” and that started my quest into Off-camera lighting. I’ve never looked back! “

From Ed:
“Believe in “The Secret”. If you’re thinking about coming to another After Dark Event, remember each time you go off and shoot with instructors who are experts in their fields, willing and excited to do something new, you can’t help but learn. And not just by watching but by actually shooting alongside them. If you’ve never been to After Dark Before, try to sleep in as much as you can each morning because you will be up all night! ‘When encountering the impossible or difficult, think inches not yards.’

Contact Info:
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“Going out to “play” with no rules in the wee hours of the night (or early morning)!”

Fun Facts:

  • Nikon Shooter
  • Lighting on a Budget
  • Majority on Location in SF Bay Area
  • Destinations World Wide
  • Studio in SF Bay Area

Majority of Business:

  • Primarily Weddings
  • Family & Children Portraits


  • Natural Light
  • OCF

Top 5 Skills:

  1. OCF
  2. Natural Light
  3. Wedding Posing
  4. DIY Gear
  5. Consultations