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Kibbee Walton

Kibbee is the primary photographer and owner of Artisan Portrait in

Post Falls, ID (population 27,000). He specializes in high school senior
portraits yet maintains a fine reputation for family and children’s
portraiture as well. After ten years photographing for two reputable
studios, countless seminars and conventions, and the keen guidance of
mentors, Kibbee is nearing his eighth year of business in his own
Kibbee’s business started out primarily as a high school senior portrait
studio. For the first five years, his senior numbers continued to climb.
Over the past few years, he noticed that the senior market was
declining slightly. With a growing family to support, Kibbee’s focus has
shifted from a strong emphasis on seniors, to creating a more balanced
business. By improving his senior sales and implementing new
marketing campaigns for families and children, he has succeeded in
achieving the growth that he was looking for.
With a straightforward approach, Kibbee’s teaching style is one that
everyone can relate to. He has been selected to mentor for multiple
After Dark Education events as well as Larson’s Light Pro. State and
National PPA Programs have both invited Kibbee to speak to their
members and most recently; he was honored to be interviewed for a
short segment on Photovision. He focuses on sharing proven principles
that anyone can apply to start growing their business right away. He
eliminates the “fluff” and shares common sense photography and
business practices that he uses on a daily basis.
Kibbee resides in Post Falls with his wife Freya, who also works in the
studio, and three children, Sterling, Parker and Wednesday.
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