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Ken Kneringer

Ken Kneringer

Ken Kneringer

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For me personally, photography is my passion; it’s all about the quality of my images, and I create the very best images that I can. At Studio K Photography, the number one priority of my entire staff is to provide my clients with an unsurpassable photographic experience. For over ten years the success of Studio K has been motivated by our drive for excellence; it’s a combination of the best images I can produce and the best experience we can provide our clients.I firmly believe that to succeed in today’s environment, photographers must produce images that inspire and amaze. We must do whatever it takes to learn the skills that will allow us to produce those breathtaking images for our clients. The world is filled with people who have cameras swinging around their necks, and technology has made it easy for anyone to produce average, even saleable, photographs. But as professional photographers trying to survive today, our images must be so far above the crowd that they instantly capture the attention of potential clients, making it impossible for the client to even consider going to any other photographer for any price. Each image must be able to stand on its own, filled with great light, impact, and emotion—not just the latest fad or gimmick. That is the quest of the professional photographer.

Although I enjoy teaching, my shooting schedule no longer allows me the freedom to teach very often. Working as a Mentor with After Dark Education allows me to have intensive interactions with many students in a short period of time. Each photography student is growing in their craft by learning to produce better images. My goal is to bring something to their After Dark experience that each person can take home, something that will assist them in reaching their ultimate goal: to become a better photographer.

Ken Kneringer is a nationally recognized, award winning, photographer and instructor. He is a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Certified Professional Photographer, PPA Master Photographer, PPA Photographic Craftsman, and is the Staff Fashion Photographer for Senior Mode Magazine. Ken’s passion is photography, and it shows in the images he creates for his clients.

Ken started playing around with photography in the early 1970s, working briefly for a commercial studio in Philadelphia. In the 1980s, he moved up to a small part-time glamour studio. In 2002, Indianapolis, Indiana became the home of Ken’s new photography business: Studio K Photography. He intended to focus on weddings and portraits…but that’s not what was in store for Ken. After photographing one senior high school student, his first and only senior in 2002, Ken was hooked on senior photography.

Keeping up with today’s high school seniors takes energy, commitment, and—most important—education. Ken received his CPP in 2007, his Master of Photography degree from PPA in 2008, and his PPA Craftsman Degree in 2009. Ken is also one of only 15 “fashion shooters” for the annual Senior Portrait Artists event. Ken maintains active memberships in the following professional photographic organizations:

  • Daguerre Club of Indiana
  • Senior Portrait Artists (SPA)
  • Professional Photographers of America
  • Professional Photographers of Indiana
  • Indianapolis Professional Photographers
  • Wedding and Portrait Photographers
  • National Association of Photoshop Pros
  • American Society of Photographers

Today, Studio K is all about seniors, models, and fashion. Each year, Ken photographs around 120 clients from across the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, and word of Ken’s talent continues to spread. Most of Studio K’s clients travel over an hour to be photographed by Ken, with an ever-increasing percentage traveling several hours or more.

Ken entered his first print competition in 2003 and walked away with a Court of Gold award, five PPA print merits, one showcase image, and one loan collection image. Ken was voted one of Indiana’s Top Ten Photographers in 2004; he received five PPA print merits, and one loan collection print and, as part of the PPA exhibit; his prints traveled to Korea. Among his additional awards to date are: Judges’ choice award (SPA), Third Place Senior (SPA), First Place Senior Folio (PPofI), PPA Photographer of the Year, First Place Senior Image (PPofI), William Krider Award, and many others.

Ken loves photography. He is driven to be the best at whatever he undertakes, especially to provide the images that best showcase his clients. Ken also enjoys helping other photographers whenever and however he can. He presents educational programs several times a year for various photographic organizations, including the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers of Indiana, the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild, and the Senior Portrait Artists. Ken offers SEO services, website design, and one-on-one training for business, photographic workflow, and indoor/outdoor photography.

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