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Alumni Mentor Joe Switzer (switzerfilm)

Working hard and creatively is what drives us. Play harder…wait? Not sure we know the difference. This fully assembled team of O’grapher misfits – WE ARE SWITZERFILM:)

Thanks to embracing technology & relationships our four person team of Switzerfilm was able to change people’s perception of video. What was thought of as long, boring, lame, and a last minute service turned into customers experiencing a new standard. Our team offers most of our films edited and presented that very day. Everyone at Switzer has the desire to show the customer something they’ve never seen before.

A constant changing environment has made filming weddings quite challenging over the years. Recently technology has moved the world of cinema side by side with photography. Making the transition to fusion and working together inspires us to share our film/edit techniques with others. We believe the world of photo + cinema is still in the 1st inning and anyone participating in this business can take part in this phenomenal growth story.

How did you get started in the business?
Switzerfilm was founded about 10 years ago.  The first wedding video took place in Highland, Illinois.  In the beginning Switzerfilm was a part-time job for the founder Joe Switzer. Hometown friend Shaun Voegele of (Voegele Studios) in the very beginning pushed Joe to film weddings in their hometown.

Special Message or advise for AD attendees?
As an attendee always say to yourself “How can that work for me?” at AD.

How many AD Events have you attended? Any favorite moments?
3. Favorite moments: “Battle of the O’Graphers”. Dave riding in on the pink bike.

What are your top 5 skills?

  1. Live Events
  2. Same Day Edits
  3. Time Sensitive Photo & Video
  4. Weddings
  5. Relationships

Joe Switzer

Contact Info:
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Fun Facts:

  • Canon. What is a Nikon?
  • Business is split 50% weddings and 50% corporate


  • Mostly Natural Light, but lots of on the go LED’s