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Kelly Buechlin an attendee at the AD Business Intensive said it best:

As I sit here trying to reflect on the past week at After Dark Intensive and AD Motion 2014 I got a lump in my throat. If you’ve never been to After Dark Education it’s really hard to explain how a “workshop” can be so much more. Instead of posting everyone’s name, I will explain my thoughts as they come. Thank you for smiling as you walked by me in the hall. Thank you for inviting me into a 60 second conversation during my elevator ride. Thank YOU for staying after class to review my business one on one when everyone else was going to have fun and hang out. Thank YOU for getting on a plane leaving your family when you KNEW you would be needed. Thank YOU for pulling thru 2 classes in a row when you could barely stand because you were SICK! Thank YOU for friend requests on Facebook. Thank YOU for taking hour out of your evening to share thoughts on business and life. Thank YOU for helping with my light meter. Thank YOU for offering me to sit with you at lunch when there were no available seats. Thank YOU for sharing a cup of coffee and a muffin. Thank YOU for letting me join in your yoga fun. Thank YOU for letting me be silly and dance. Thank YOU for challenging and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank YOU for being such an inspiration. Thank YOU for making me laugh. Thank YOU for being my friend. Thank YOU for giving me a hug instead of a handshake. So, you see, YOU ARE AD!